TIKS Case Study



New Leads Generated


Conversion Rate Improvement


Boost In US Google Search Results

The Mission

TIKS is a workplace safety company based out of Australia that has developed their own visitor management system (VMS) solution to counter COVID-19 and other issues. TIKS provides standalone and integrated solutions for their clients that enhance safety, compliance and productivity.

TIKS was seeking a full stack marketing and growth company that was capable of helping them transform their business and improve awareness, with the end goal of doubling their revenue for that financial year.

The Process

TIKS were having difficulty driving qualified leads and were looking to improve their digital marketing strategy to boost their brand awareness and optimize their website with SEO services.

The Growth Marketing Genie team used data-driven information gathered from thorough research and client insights to determine the most effective methods for qualified lead generation. By implementing a range of techniques including a customized SEO strategy and PPC marketing campaign, the team was able to determine what was needed to target those most likely to convert.

Growth Marketing Genie’s team also developed a tailored landing page for the product, and consistently evaluated all incoming leads to ensure that the campaign only drove sales-qualified enquiries.

The Results

The TIKS campaign was designed with data in mind and a dynamic approach to scaling, enabling Growth Marketing Genie to successfully generate more than 100 high quality leads.

The team was able to improve TIKS’ conversion rate by more than 25% using a framework that included a CRO audit, SEO audit, and customized landing pages. This improved the company’s organic search traffic by 35.6% and improved their ranking in Google search results for the United States.

The Sales Qualified Leads generated from this campaign significantly outperformed existing strategies, increasing the total SQLs submitted by more than 150% over the same comparable period.

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