A few years back, Snapchat ads were very expensive and inaccessible to most businesses. Marketers would have to go through Snapchat’s ad partners to have their messages published on the platform.

But right now, thanks to the self-service ad manager, businesses of all sizes and budgets can advertise their products/services on the platform. With mobile advertising becoming an essential part of any digital marketing campaign, Snapchat advertising is a surefire way to reach millennials and Gen Z, who spend most of their time on their phones. Snapchat also offers businesses some of the most interactive ad formats to connect with audiences.

We’re thrilled by the opportunities that Snapchat provides for youth-oriented brands, and we would love to help you get started creating ads on the channel.

Here’s everything you need to know about Snapchat Ads…

How to get results in Snapchat Ads

Advertising on Snapchat has proved to be very lucrative for most businesses. Hooper, a travel booking platform, found that Snapchat users booked flights 4X more than customers acquired from other ad platforms. Other Snapchat ad examples include GCCFriday who increased sales by 150 percent with Snapchat ads and Marriot Bonvoy who achieved a 3.4X higher ROI with Snapchat Ads than other platforms.

Snapchat Ads can deliver all these impressive results because of how persuasive they are. A study by Hootsuite found that social media users are more likely to buy a product after viewing a Snap ad than other social media ads. The ads are also shown at full-screen, and as such, they receive more visual attention than ads published elsewhere.

These appealing statistics may have done enough to convince you to advertise on Snapchat, and you’re ready to create your first ad. But before you do that, there are a few things you need to consider to get incredible results with your ads. Let’s take a look at them!

Target audience

Is your target audience on Snapchat? Before you create ads on the platform, make sure that the people you’re targeting are active users of Snapchat.

Figure 1: Snapchat user profile. Source – Hootsuite

82 percent of Snapchat users are below the age of 34. So, if your target audience doesn’t fall in this age bracket, you are better off taking your advertising dollars elsewhere.

Snapchat is the most popular app with youth aged 12 – 17. The app is also expected to gain 1.2 million teens in the next 4 years. At the same time, Facebook is expected to lose 2.2 million users within this age group.

As you analyze your advertising prospects, bear in mind that most people who will come across your ads are young female users. A whopping 70 percent of Snapchatters are female. If you have products that could interest this audience, then advertising on Snapchat will connect you with highly engaged users who are happy to learn more about your products or services.

Campaign goals

Like other social media platforms, Snapchat has several advertising offerings to choose from. Whether your goal is to drive sales or app downloads, boost awareness, or increase conversions, Snapchat’s growing menu of ad formats will help you increase your ROI.

Snap ad types are optimized for specific goals. The campaign goal you set will help you decide the Snapchat Ads format to run. Below is a breakdown of Snapchat campaign objectives and the ad formats that match them.

  •         Build brand awareness – Advertise with Story Ads, Extended Play Commercial, or a Lens AR experience to boost your brand awareness on Snapchat.
  •         Drive sales and sign-ups – Use Single Image Ads, Collections Ads, or Video Ads to drive online sales and sign-ups.
  •         Boost app installs and downloads – Snapchat also supports app installs after users view your ad. Use App Install Attachments on Single Image Ads, Story Ads, or Video Ads to direct users to your App Store page.
  •         Retargeting existing users – Want to connect with users who have engaged with your content in the past? Use Story Ads to engage such users and improve customer loyalty.

Snapchat content and ad formats that best suit your business

When Snapchatters see your ad, it should feel seamless for it to have the biggest influence on them. For this reason, you should use the right content and ad formats to deliver your message. Lucky for you, Snapchat has various content formats you can use to reach and engage your target users. They include:

Single Image or Video Ads

These are full screen ads that can be used for many objectives. Add an attachment and enable users to swipe up to take action.

Figure 2: Single Image Ad. Source – Snapchat

Story Ads

Story Ads are delivered in the Discover section of the app. When a user clicks the ad, the tile opens to reveal your ad collection.

Collection Ads

Collection ads allow advertisers to showcase multiple products. A collection ad features tappable tiles that display a series of products, thus making it easy for Snapchatters to browse and buy.

Tips and tricks to increase engagement

To encourage target users to interact with your content, you need to ensure your ads feel native to Snapchat. The duration of your ad should be around 5-6 seconds to mirror the bite-sized nature of Snaps. This way, your ad will feel organic and non-intrusive to Snapchatters, thus putting your brand in the middle of their conversations.

Also, use relevant messaging to drive urgency. Localize your message to your audience and provide offers to drives sales, app visits, or app installs.

How can filters and AR lenses can be leveraged to achieve your goals?

Snapchat Filters are decorative overlays that appear after taking a Snap. They represent your brand in a fun way and drive monumental brand awareness.

Figure 3: Snapchat Filters. Source – Snapchat

Lenses AR is a powerful way to connect with Snapchatters using Augmented Reality. It allows you to create immersive moments that users can play and send to their friends.

How to create Snapchat Ads via Snapchat Ads Manager

Just like Facebook Business, Snapchat Ads Manager allows you to create, track, and optimize your ads. Getting started is free, and this has made it easy for small businesses to create Snap Ads and connect with the platform’s engaged audience.

If you don’t have an account already, visit Snapchat’s advertising platform and create one right away. Log in and enter your business detail to create an account that allows you to manage your campaigns.

Figure 4: Sign up – Snapchat Ads Manager

Signing up gives you access to the Ads Manager. You can now create a campaign based on your goals and the users you want to target. Follow these steps to get started with Snap Ads.

Step #1 – Choose a campaign goal

Figure 5: Advertising goals

The first thing you need to do is set the objective of your campaign. What do you hope to achieve with your ad campaign?

You have five options to choose from for your campaign goals. They include:

  •         Website visits
  •         Promote local place
  •         Calls & Texts
  •         App Installs
  •         App Visits

After selecting your goal, pick a schedule for your campaign. You can choose to have the campaign start immediately or pick definite start and end dates.

Finally, give your ad campaign a name. Give the campaign a unique name to make it easy to find it later on for optimization.

Step #2 – Set your audience and budget

The audience section allows you to specify the people you want to view your ad. Set your preferred geography by select the country you want to target. Also, set your demographic preference by specifying the age, gender, income, or language of your target audience. Snapchat also lets you target users based on their interests, such as the content they’ve bought or the content they have watched.

Once your audience is set, go ahead and set a budget for your campaign. Set how much you want to spend per day and your lifetime spend cap.

Step #3 – Design your ad

The last step involves selecting an ad type and uploading your creative. We have mentioned the ad formats available to you, and your choice will depend on your goals. When uploading your ad creative, adhere to the Snapchat Ads specs to optimize your ad to the Snap environment.

Before publishing your ad, you’ll have to fill out additional information like your brand name, headline, and call to action. The CTA should highlight want you want users to do after watching your ad.

Since the introduction of the self-service Ads Manager, Snapchat Ads have become easier to create and manage. Snapchat’s youthful audience makes it the perfect advertising platform for youth-oriented brands. Its interactive ad formats allow businesses to deliver immersive brand experiences that drive quality engagement and a high ROI for your business.

Maximize your returns on your Snapchat Ads with our data-driven digital advertisement strategy.

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