10 Reasons Why a Growth Marketing Agency Will Get You Better Results

You may have the best products or services, but no one will know about your excellent offerings if you’re not marketing yourself. Marketing helps you introduce your company to your target audience, but bear in mind that effective marketing isn’t easy.

Brands have two options for marketing, setting up an in-house team or working with a digital marketing agency for brand growth. In-housing offers greater control over brand messaging, but most companies struggle to execute impactful marketing campaigns because of a lack of talent and internal support.

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Figure 1: Marketing barriers to in-housing. Source – Bannerflow

Working with a growth marketing agency is one of the best things you can do to achieve phenomenal marketing performance. Let’s now take a look at what they can bring to your company.

1. Trends and insights

In the digital marketing world, things change often and quickly. Those who want to stay on top of the game must keep up with the latest trends and find ways to incorporate the changes into their growth marketing strategies.

Even if you managed to follow emerging trends, you would still struggle to incorporate them into your campaigns. When you work with an agency, this will not be a problem since it’s their job to track marketing trends and ensure your marketing is exactly what people are looking for right now.

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2. A whole team of marketing professionals

It’s one thing to bring in a new hire to work in your marketing department, but when you bring a marketing agency on board, you get a team of experts who live and breathe digital marketing. Digital agencies employ people trained in the right techniques, passionate about the subject, and experienced in delivering exceptional results for companies like yours.

These professionals will advise on proven strategies that will help you beat the competition and establish yourself as the go-to company in your industry. They also use marketing tools and programs that most people aren’t aware of to take your business to the next level.

3. Flexibility

Marketing agencies are flexible and take time to understand your company and articulate your brand’s vision. They become a part of your brand and use their deep expertise to identify strategic opportunities that help you achieve your short and long-term goals.

The best agencies are agile, versatile, and responsive to changes. They are quick of the mark to accommodate industry changes rather than sticking to fixed tactics. They adjust to meet your changing needs as your company grows in size and ventures into other areas.

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4. Pay for what you want, when you want it

Marketing agencies are also flexible when it comes to payment. They charge you for what you need, and this allows you to keep your marketing costs low. If you need visuals (images, videos, infographics) for your social media marketing, they will create them and charge you for that service.

If you need your current campaigns to be analyzed for valuable insights, a growth marketing expert will work on your account to identify trends, opportunities, and the areas that need improvement.

5. Data-driven

Take the guesswork out of your decision-making with the data-driven insights marketing agencies provide. Agencies are up-to-date with the latest trends, best practices, and technologies, so you don’t have to. They use data to determine the best strategies to promote your business.

Want insights and data analytics based on facts and industry statistics? They are on it to help you achieve the best marketing performance, connect with a targeted audience, and meet your goals.

We’ve explained how to use data to improve your marketing on our blog, Big Data Analysis: How to Find Hidden Opportunities.

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6. Results-driven

Growth marketing agencies will examine your current marketing strategy, study its flaws, and identify ways to improve it. Your ads could be well-paced, but your social media presence is wanting. Or maybe your social media pages are gaining followers, but your search ads aren’t making you any income.

It’s difficult for an untrained eye to figure out these things, but experts will have no problem identifying them. Moreover, they set measurable goals through KPIs to determine the success of your marketing strategies, thus offering clarity and transparency.

7. A different eye

An outside agency doesn’t have the same perceptions and ties to your company like you do. Instead, they bring in new ideas and a different way of looking at things.

Hiring a marketing agency allows you to collaborate with talented and innovative minds to come up with better solutions. The fresh set of eyes offers new perspectives that can be very helpful when your business is stuck or struggling to achieve set targets—the outcome? Smarter solutions and a massive return on investment.

8. The best return on investment

An external agency offers more than just marketing. When you hire one, you get access to expert content creators, SEO professionals, social media experts, graphic and web design pros.

You also get access to the latest tools and technologies that increase your productivity, performance, and efficiency. Hiring a marketing agency gets you all these services and expertise for one fee. This enables you to cut costs while boosting your ROI since you’re using the best-in-class services to market your business.

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9. No risk of mishiring or having to train

Outsourcing your marketing allows you to skip the hassle of interviewing individual marketers for your in-house team. Recruiting the best talent is a complex exercise that takes a lot of time. If not done correctly, you’ll find yourself with unmotivated individuals who add nothing special to the organization.

Hiring an agency helps you avoid the risk of hiring the wrong people for your organization. You will also not spend time training new hires since the agency comes with the top talents for different roles. This allows you to embark on marketing activities immediately the contract is signed, thus saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

10. Advertising standard experts

Even if it isn’t your first marketing priority, advertising is an integral part of our lives that connects brands to their target consumers. Your advertising needs to be done correctly if you want to achieve any meaningful impact, or else customers will scroll past your ads without interacting with them to find out what you’re offering.

Marketing agencies are on top of the latest advertising trends to help you connect with your target users effectively. They will design and distribute the best search and display ads to help you achieve your brand goals.

We share the best strategies for your search ad campaigns on our blog, 5 Search Advertising Strategies for Business Growth.

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The marketing agency for you

Not sure which marketing services and channels are best for your business?

A top marketing firm like Growth Marketing Genie will help you develop a targeted marketing strategy to drive the best results for your company. We will analyze your goals to find the best approach to achieve them. This means looking at the available marketing tactics to identify the ones that fit your industry and business needs.

Once the overall marketing strategy is agreed upon, we proceed to create ads, design promotion materials and put the marketing plan in place. We have a team of more than 30 marketing specialists including, data scientists, content creators, design specialists, marketing managers, and more that will work on your account to bring your vision to fruition.

We will re-design your web presence based on audience research and integrate your marketing activities to work together smoothly.

We are also responsible for monitoring your campaign results to ensure the plan is performing as desired. As a data-driven agency, we will analyze the data from your campaign and make the necessary changes if something isn’t working properly.

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Good growth marketing takes skill

Creating an excellent growth marketing strategy doesn’t come easy. Fortunately, with the right tips and tricks, you can get exponential growth for your business from end-to-end. Our guide, What is Growth Marketing? Your Complete Guide to Business Growth, will help you take your marketing to the next level.

Sometimes handling your marketing in-house isn’t the right thing. If you don’t have the time, money, or staffing to handle marketing, let someone else handle it for you. The team at Growth Marketing Genie can help.

We are a full-service growth marketing agency that will help you identify the most effective marketing services and channels for your company and goals. We have a wide variety of skills to cover all of your digital marketing needs. Our partnership will free you to focus on other important issues as we concentrate on marketing your brand and growing your online presence.

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